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Friday, March 5, 2010

Dry patches of skin on the face

The skin is a great indicator that something is wrong on the inside ,and having dry patches of skin is one of these indicators,there are many different reasons for dry patches and some need be assesed by a GP if necessary.
One reason is seborrhoiec dermatitis,a type of eczema.This occurs on the face and scalp in red like scaly and flaky patches also known to many of us as cradle cap,there are many factors that can trigger this condition ie ,genetics,hormones and the enviornment ,another common factor of seborrhoeic dermatitis is lack of biotin in the system,vit B6 and B12 .This is easily treated with topical cream s which are only on prescription ie cortisone creams etc .

Contact dermatitis would be recognised usually after using something different ie perfumes or lotions ,and can be itchy,dry and red sometimes with blisters. usually doesnt last for long .

Dehydration is a big factor in dry skin ,and can cause random patches of skin on the face also , not drinking enough water really affects the skin ,consuming too many caffinated drinks or foods,fizzy drinks and sugary foods can also dehydrate the skin .

Always have a strict regime when it comes to your skin ,wash your face or cleanse every morning ,tone and moisturise with creams not lotions if over the age of 25 as lotions are not thick enough to give your skin what it needs ,use pure vit E under these moisturisers or on its own to treat the problem ,this repairs and heals the skin from the inside out keeping your skin in great condition ,Vit E can be used for a wide variety of skin problems i would recommend pure vitE capsules instead of a bottle ,this is because each time you use it you can burst a capsule and have the oil fresh every time ,where as bottles tend to lose there goodness when opened daily.Try to tay away from face wipes also ,even the fragrant free ones all of thee tend to deydrate the skin further .and never use saop on the skin unless it is organic natural cleansing soap from a health store .

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is extremely common in many woman ,it may be the whole face or just certain parts ,we all buy into products that tell us they get rid of or treat this proble but honestly using natural organic products is the bes thing to use when you are sensitive .natural oils and creams are hardly going to aggrivate your skin are they ??
100% raw virgin Coconut oil is fantastic on sensitive skin ,it has a high content of Lauric Acid  a fatty acid that provides antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.  coconut oil can help to treat Candida, nail fungus infections, dandruff and has shelf life up to several years. It is good to use for sensitive skin and it can also improve skin conditions such as; psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema as together with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties it is an excellent moisturiser for making your skin feel better.The higher the percentage of pure coconut oil the better its is for your skin .
Scrubs for sensitive skin can also be hard to come by especially ones that dont make the proble worse ,using natural honey and oatmeal (ade at hoe ) as a scrub works very effectively ,the oatmeal scrubs the dead skin cells away while the honey nourishes and acts as a natural antiseptic on the skin .use at least twice a week .
other natural oils that work wonders on sensitive skin ,including lavender and primrose oil ,vit e is great on all skin types to maintain and keep healthy skin .
remember daily cleansing (honey and oatmeal)not soap or even organic natural soap will work . daily toning ,rosewater,and moisturising with pure vit e and coconut oil will result in healthy dewy skin

Friday, February 26, 2010

Night time party look

night time party look ( spending time at this really pays off )

firstly apply moisturiser all over the face and neck and leave for about ten minutes .
Then squeeze or pour about a pea sized amount of foundation onto the back of your hand and apply all over the face as you would your moisturiser again dont drag the skin or use harsh strokes as this will eventually sag the skin and using forceful strokes can make the foundation uneven and rubbed off in places ,blend around the jaw line with your finger tips and always check your hairline around the forehead ,ears and brows . when you are happy with the application blot a good amount of translucent powder under the eyes this will look reaally silly but we will be removing it later so dont worry ,
for the eyes i nearly always use the same colours either silver shimmer shadow and dark brown and black or cream shimmer and brown . If you are wearing a bright colour like blue or something i would usually apply this colour as a subtle eyeliner instead of an eye shadow .
firstly use a soft small brush or your index finger can be just as good and apply the lightest colour starting at the inner eye and smooth out to the outer eye stopping at the crease or fold of the lid , please bear in mind the eyes can loo really messy at first when using dark colours and can fall all over the cheeks and under your eyes but we will fix that at the end !! then moving onto your dark brown apply to a small soft brush look straight into the mirror and using more pressure apply the shadow to the crease or fold of the eye starting with the outer corner sweeping into the centre of the crease moving the brush back and forward untill even ,your face will still look messy at this stage , I would use black pencil here but you can pick a different colour if you wish ,simply apply the miner by pulling the bottom of your eye down and put it all along the inner eye leaving the tear duct on the inside corner clear .
next get your liquid liner and starting on the top eye lids gently and slowly run the liner along your lash line all the way from the start of the lash line to the end on the outer corners .
getting your small shadow brush again dip a tiny amount of black shadow and sweep it into the crease almost digging it into your lid just a tiny bit not moving any further then the outer lid to add a little more definition .
if you have silver or a neutral shimmery shadow simply apply a little to either a small brush or cotton bud and run it along the bottom corner on your inner eye bringing it around the tear duct and up just to the start of the top lid ,this will make your eyes appear more awake and brighter .
using your powder brush look up and sweep off the powder under the eyes that i told you to apply earlier this just makes it easier to remove fallen eye shadow dust without ruining your make up! keep sweepng until all the loose powder is gone and brush anywhere that there is shadow particals on the face .
then apply a good amount of mascara ,doing this slowely and having patience really pays off . then apply a little to the bottom lashes . if you get any on the skin simply lick or dampen a cotton bud and lightly remove .
lastly apply a pale lip gloss i wouls always use opaque neutral pink or any light colour s as this will make your eyes stand out even more .
Then your done and ready to go .
apply a bronzing powder to the neck and chest and lightly over the face if needed

home made make up and beauty supplies

lip balm
Apricot lip balm
1 tsp beeswax (5ml)
1 tsp apricot kernel oil
1 tsp calendula oil
a few drops of essential oil lemon or orange
these ingredients can be bought in your local health store .
method :
melt beeswax over a pot of boiling water just like cooking chocolate,add pricot and calendula oils constantly stirring .
remove wax from heat and keep stirring until slightly cooled ,add essential oils ,pour into a small glass jar .
Aloe vera lipgloss
1 tsp aloe vera gel
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp petroleum jelly
mix ingredients in a small glass bowl until mixed properly ,heat for two minutes in the microwave ,stir and pour into a small cintainer allowing it to cool before use .
Homemade Facial Cleanser Recipes
Buttermilk and Fennel Cleansing Milk (For Oily Skin)
1/2 cup buttermilk
2 Tbsp crushed fennel seeds
Heat the milk and fennel seeds in a bowl over a boiling pot of water for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the mixture steep for 2 hours. Strain, cool, pour into bottle and refrigerate. Keeps for 2 weeks.
Chamomile Cleansing Milk (For Dry and Sensitive Skin)1/4 cup cream
1/4 cup milk
2 Tbsp chamomile flowers, fresh or dried
Heat all ingredients in top of a double boiler for about 30 minutes, do not allow milk to boil. Turn off heat and let sit for
1 kiwi, peeledabout 2 hours, strain. Pour into a bottle and refrigerate. Keeps for 2 weeks.
Kiwi Facial Cleansing Cream
2 tbsp plain yogurt
1 tbsp almond oil
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp almonds, finely ground
Put the kiwi in a food processor and puree. Add yogurt, almond oil, almonds and honey. It will form a thick and creamy paste. Use like any facial cleanser. Rinse with plenty of warm water
Fennel Thyme Cleanser
2 sprigs fresh thyme
2 tsp fennel seeds
½ cup water
½ lemon
Pull the small thyme leaves off the stem, crush the fennel seeds. Bring the water to a boil and add to the thyme and fennel. Squeeze the juice from the lemon into the hot mixture. Let it steep for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid out, pour it into a clean glass bottle or jar and refrigerate until ready to use.
face mask
Orange Yogurt Mask
1 tsp plain yogurt
1 tsp fresh orange juice
Combine the yogurt and juice. Apply the mixture to your face. Rinse with plenty of warm water after 5 minutes.
Hand care
Natural Nails
You can care for your nails, naturally. Use this recipe to whiten your nails and make your nails look clean and fresh.
Nail Whitener Recipes
1 denture tablet
1 cup warm water
Pour the water in a small bowl and drop the denture tablet in it. Soak your hands in the mixture for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
Homemade Hand Cream recipes
Enjoy this Homemade beauty recipe for a hand cream with cocoa butter to keep your hands soft and smells great .
Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
2 cups warm water
1 1/2 cup glycerin
1/2 ounce spirits of ammonia
1/2 ounce cocoa butter
1/2 teaspoon boric acid
1 cup stearic acid
Combine the cocoa butter, glycerin and stearic acid in a glass bowl. Melt over low heat in a pot of hot water. Remove the bowl and add ammonia. Stir until milky. Add boric acid to warm water. Add to first mixture. Mix with beater for 10 minutes at high speed. Perfume and colour as desired. Age for 2 weeks before using.
Homemade Hand Scrub Recipes
Exfoliating your hands with a gentle scrub can help them look younger and healthier. Use these simple hand scrub recipes to rejuvenate your hands.
Oatmeal Hand Scrub
Homemade Spa Recipe for a gentle hand scrub made from oatmeal, lemon juice and olive oil that leaves your hands nourished and soft.
2 tbsp oatmeal
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp olive oil
Add the oatmeal to 1/4 cup water and let stand 10 minutes until oatmeal is softened.
Add 1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon olive oil to oatmeal and mix well.
Rub mixture into your hands and let stand 1-2 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Apply moisturizer to your hands and let it soak in 10-15 minutes.
Peppermint Foot Spray Recipe
Treat your feet to this tingly foot spray. The peppermint smells great and will revive tired feet in no time.
1 cup distilled water
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 tsp. Essential oil of Peppermint
1/4 tsp. Tee Tree Oil
Combine all ingredients and pour into a spray bottle.
Sore Feet Remedy
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tsp. of Aloe Vera
1 teaspoon wheat germ oil
20 drops of peppermint Essential Oil
20 drops of eucalyptus Essential Oil
Mix together and add to warm water. Soak your feet in it.
Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe
Treat your feet to a scrub with this simple sugar scrub for incredibly soft feet.
1/2 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of lotion
Mix the sugar and lotion in a bowl.
Massage the sugar and lotion mixture in your feet to exfoliate
Rinse with clear water and pat dry. Apply some additional lotion to your soft feet.

5 minute make up routine

If you have great skin you can apply your make up even quicker by using a bronzer and sweeping it all over the face and neck using light circular strokes ,or a good tinted moisturiser will moisturise the skin while adding colour .Skip step two if using bronzer and skip step one and two if you using tinted moisturiser.

you will need
moisturiser,concealer,foundation,powder,blush,brown eyeshadow,mascara,gloss or lipstick ,cotton bud ,small shadow brush.

1.Moisturise - usually you should leave the moisturiser until it is absorbed into the skin but we dont have time when were running out the door at the last minute. 20 seconds
2.Concealer-apply only were its needed like around the fold of the nose ,blemishes like spots and under the eyes ,dab quickly until it is even . 30 seconds
3.Foundation-dont have time for a foundation brush so pour a little onto your finger tips and massage into the skin using light strokes ,dont rub hard as this will make it uneven ,apply just like moisturiser .quickly rub around the hairline to ensure there is no white marks or patches and the jawline .1 minute
4.Powder-lightly dust your brush, blow off excess powder and glide over the face you can skip this step if you like a dewy glow.10 seconds
5.Blush-dab a small amount of blush onto your brush and sweep over the apples of your sheeks while smailing move from the apples up towards the hairline at the ear and sweep down twice on both sides remember to blow off excess powder before hand also .If you use cream blush dap a little a blot until absorbed (skip using powder if your using cream blush as it may clump. 30 seconds
6.Eyeliner -keep it simple use pencil on the inner eye lid then dip a fine brush into a dark brown or black eyeshadow and glide the shadow along the lasline on the top lids just as you would with a liquid liner starting from the inner corner where your lashes start to the outer corner where they finish( if you dont have a small brush use a cotton bud ).50 seconds
7.Mascara- avoid applying mascara to the bottom lashes and looking straight into the mirror hold the brush side ways with the nib pointing towards your nose and gently blink your lashes against the brush once or twice on each eye .1 minute
8.Brows-dip a small brush into a light brown eyeshadow and really lightly and quickly brush over the hair on the brows ,not on the skin brush with and eyebrow brush if needed.30m seconds
9.pick up your favourite,lipstick,gloss,or tinted balm and apply to the lips and your good to go . dont go too dramatic for the day time , my favourite is a frosted pale pink for this time of day .10 seconds

Make up explained

Most woman buy the wrong foundation a number of times before finally finding the right one .You should always get the Therapist or sales assistant to help you find the correct colour as simply looking at a bottle or smearing it on your hand wont be accurate . Make sure she tests it in natural light and compares a bit on your cheek to your jawline . Also many woman only check the colour of foundation when buying one forgetting that we all have different types of skin . Many woman dont know this and may find this strange but we all have yellow undertones in our skin ,so try to find a yellow based formula as this will match even better to your skin and give you a natural healthy glow.You should never try to hide your skin tone ,instead perfect the one you have ! Our skin is usually darker in summer and pailer in winter so try to have two foundations ,one for each season . During the months in between you can blend the two together to make your own custom shade .
Which foundation is right for my skin type?
Dry skin - Use moisturising foundations or hydrating ones for a glowing dewy face . Also it is important to try and avoid powder finish foundations as these will dry your skin out further making it seem dull and lifeless.
Oily skin -Choose a foundation that is oil free or mattifying ,these will both reduce the shine on the skin making it more smooth and matt .
Combination skin -foundations with lecithin and silica beads are perfect for this type of skin , lecithin rehydrates areas that are dry while the silica beads absorb oil on the skin .
NOTE: always try to buy a foundation that contains an spf as this will save you money purchasing two products .I you wear false tan more often than not then i strongly recommend wearing it on the day that you buy your make up as the tones may be completely different when you have tan on .
If you are someone who has perfect skin then using a tinted moisturiser would work best for you ,again make sure you match one to yur skin tone before purchasing .
The purpose of concealer is to cover up blemishes ,dark circles,scars,and grey areas on the inner corner of the eyes .Concealers/correctors should not be visable ,application is usually wrong if this happens so here are some tiops to fix these common problems .
1. Apply eye cream before doing your concealer this will stop the skin around the eyes from getting dehydrated ,resulting in crepey looking eyes .
2.Always wait until your moisturiser is fully absorbed prior to applying concealer as skipping this step will result in your concealer slipping off the skin .
3.Creases will appear especially under yuor eyes if you dont dust the area afterwards with a sheer loose powder.
4.Using a tiny amount of bronzing powder over your concealer and powder if it appears too light for your skin .
Uses for concealer
Dark circles
Choose a yellow based creamy concealer but no more then one shade lighter then your natural skin tone.Simply apply eye cream and leave until dry ,pat a small amount of concealer around the eye and anywhere thats dark ,follow with corrector pen afterwards if needed and dust with sheer loose powder.
Make sure the concealer is applied all the way up to the lash line .
This concealer should be an exact match to your skin ,we all know a blemish stands out without adding bright concealer to make it even more visable ,simply blot a small amount and dust with powder to hold in place .
Hiding scars
This will make your scar less noticable but understand that it will not completely dissappear 100%. Moisturise and allow to dry ,apply a creamy concealer , after apply corrector pen if needed then lightly dust with powder.
Blush should make your skin look healthy instantly ,you should go for a colour that looks the same as the flushed look you would have after coming from the gym ,this is a very natural look .For longer lasting blush add a pop of colour on top of your natural one .
When applying powder blush smile and dust it on the apples of your cheeks towards the hairline at the ear and quickly sweeping downwards for a more gradual look.For cream blush ,firstly ensure you dont wear powder as this will clump and look patchy over it . Dap a splash of colour on the apples of the cheeks for a sheer healthy glow .These steps should be follwed after you have applied your foundation and powder if using powder blush .
which colours would suit my skin ?
Very dark skin - deep reds or bronze
Dark skin - rose ,plum,and golden browns.
Sallow skin -dark browns,pinks,and tawny is a great one for this type of skin .
Fair skin -sandy pink ,peaches,
Porcelain skin-pastel pale pinks,or frosty colours ,light peach etc.
Which ones to choose
Black suits all and really opens the eyes ,for a more natural look try browns instead.
mascara should be replaced every 2-3 months .
Dab the brush tip onto a tissue to remove excess fluid ,using a light hand apply mascara to the bottom lashes first .Some people prefer the hold the nib of the brush to their lashes and work from root to tip covering each hair .I prefer to hold the brush side ways and work from root to tip in one or two strokes.We usually apply to the bottom ones first as generally we have to look up when applying mascara to the bottom lashes .Doing this after the top lashes would result in the mascars smudging onto the eye lid.I use the same technique on the top lashes using the side of the brush and working from root to tip , If you look straight into the mirror this is easier and slowly blink rolling your lases against the brush ,if you like a fuller look apply 2-3 layers and rub the brush from side to side while firsly pressing against the root of hte lashes, but try to wait until each layer is dry before adding the next one ,this will prevent clumping .
Powder should be translucent or a match to your skin tone and no darker .This step should not make your face look pale .If the powder is loose simply pour a little into your hand ,dust a brush and lightly sweep all over the face to hold foundation in position for longer .People with dry skin should probably avoid using powder as it will make the skin appear duller thus drying it out further .Dont over do it when applying powder as this can result in your make up looking cakey and heavy .
Before applying eyeshadow especially dark colours or shimmery ones ,blot a large amount of loose powder under the eyes ,this should look ridiculous but theres a method to my madness .After you finish applying your eye make gently brush away the loose powder to remove all of the fallen eyeshadow from under your eyes without ruining your make up .
My personal favourite is lipgloss ,if I was trapped on a desert island it would be my number one piece of make up to take with me . I really think adding gloss or lipstick changes the whole look of any make up .If you like dark colours like reds ,then my advise is to go easy on the eye make up , add maybe just a touch of eyeliner and mascara .And if you like dramatic eyes use pastell colours on your lips like pinks ,peaches and frosty colours , metalics work well too but keep it light and natural ,this will make your eye make up stand out more .
Some people prefer to use brow pencil and other s like myself prefer using eye shadow and a flat hard angled brush , If you decide to use a pencil use one that is not too dark ,light brown suits nearly everyone even black brows,apply lightly to the shape of your brows mainly gliding over the hairs rather then the skin and brush them through with an eyebrow brush. When using shadow ,again go for a light tone of brown and lightly dip the brush into your eye shadow and simply apply this in the shape of your brow.( alot of people dont do this step but taking a minute and the end of applying your make up really makes a difference and make s your eyes stand out more ,brows are the one feature that can define your whole face and doing this quick easy step will also get rid of the foundation and powder that tends to get caught in the brows ).
eyeliner definatly makes the eyes pop and stand out , it is also great when doing a sultry look which i will be showing you later ,I always have a black liquid and pencil liner ,I only use pencil on the inside of my eye and liquid on the lids as i find no matter what pencil i buy or how much i spend it always smudges and looks like iv bags under my eyes .if you find you have this problem why not use a dark or black eye shadow the same as the one you use on your brows ,its long lasting and wont run . Spending alot on liners is not necessary at all infact if im honest iv used the cheapest brand i can find in the chemist and never notice a difference .when buying a liquid liner try and find one that has a tip just like a child marker for drawing ,its much easier to apply in a thin straight line.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

natural oils and vitamins for different hair problems

If the hair is brittle,breaks easily and is prone to split ends using sesame oil or almond oil on the hair mends the this problem and prevents further drying out  ,also using lavender oil stimulates hair growth as it nourishes the hair and skin plus it balances the oil production  .
coconut oil slows down hair shedding and rosmary stimulates hair growth but allows for the natural shedding process at the same time .
When you have chosen to natural oil that is suitable for your hair type ,heat a little of the oil in a small bowl over another bowl of water ,dip your finger tips in and start at the hairline above your forehead massaging the oil in in circular motions with the finger tips moving slowely backwards through the hair and scalp ,when your reach your neck start again at the hairline this time with more pressure then before,this will stimulate blood supply to the skin promoting hair growth ,the start the whole process again starting at the hairline on the sides of your head starting at the temples,when your are done leave the oils in your hair for 30 minutes ,then wash and dry as normal .
do this depending on the severity of your condition eg.if it is really bad do this daily until you se an improvment then gradually decrease one day at a time every week ,keeping it up then once weekly for maintainance.
all of these products can be found in a health store in my online store or in a local sally supply.

Monday, February 22, 2010

spots on chin area

Spots on the chin are very common ,your chin is where we get a symptom when something is happening with our ovaries ie your menstral cycle this is completely normal .Its all due to an imbalance of hormones during this time .
Try austrailian bush woman flower essence bought from your local health store .
Negative Condition:
• Mood swings
• Weary
• Physical dislike
Positive Outcome:
• Female balance
• Calms & stablises
• Coping with change
Try eating more whole foods the week coming up to this time of the month like porridge for breakfast ,drink plenty of water and try boiled water with a slice of fresh lemon first thing in the morning ,lemon is a natural antiseptic ,an anti bacterial face wash also helps but use daily and keep good skin care routine also check my blog for more remedies.
and you will be feeling like the beautiful woman you always were again .

Permanant make up

Permanant make up is basically tattooing make up onto the face , this can save alot of time for busy woman or ,woman with sparce thin eye brows ,also great for people who do sports eg water sports . permanant make up is something you should think about seriously as it is practically irriversable unless you spend a fortune on laser therapy . The eyebrows can be filled with ink the same as your hair colour and it would be applied like tiny strands of hair so it will look like real brows ,for woman who have thin eyebrows this can really make a difference as it frames the face and makes the eyes appear brighter and wider.you should really think about what kind of shape you want and always go with your natural hair colour as time and fashion changes you dont want your eyebrows looking ridiculous.so keep it natural .same with eye liner , dont go for something too durastic maybe go for something fine just a small line in the rot of the lashes to add definition , permanant lip make up is something i find looks really obvious but is you are someone who really has no lips and wants something to make them look a little bigger then this does work but be careful with the colouring again here and go for something the same as your lip colour not lipstick .
The make up is applied using a fine needle with pierces the skin at a rapid rate inserting ink under the skin , this is permanant and after a few days will begin to scab up , it is very very important not to pick these scabs as it will result in scars which may be obvious to others .These scabs are minor and really shouldnt be sore , the most you should feel is a little itching ,applying vasoline or preparation H is great for this as it softens the scab making it fall off quicker easing itching also as the skin is not as dry .
if it is the eyes that ar scabbing you wouldnt be able to add preparation h or anything that may irritate the eyes so just adding vasoline here is fine .

when selecting somewhere to get this done it is important that you see there work and really shop around look for reviews from previous clients in the salon  and making sure they are insured to do the procedure is a must .after all this is your face were talking about .

go to this site and click photos then either eyes lips or eyeliner to view before and after pictures of each procedure

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

make up tips for woman who wear glasses

There are different techniques that you can use when you are applying make up ,you should take into account the way that the lenses on your glasses make your eyes appear , where does the light hit and where is there shade?to others the eyes may appear smaller on near sighted wearers and far sighted lenses make them appear larger.some frames can make the eyes appear to have dark circles because of the shadows that are casted through the lense ,you can use a concealer for this salmon or pale pink lightens the bluish colour under the eyes ,to help prevent smudging on the nose use a podwer over your make up here or using a mineral foundation will help with this problem .some times if you wear eye liner on the top lid this can look strange when wearing glasses ,were as if you apply it to the bottom lid only it will balance out this is because of the angle that the lense alllows light through.when wearing mascara the lenses can sometimes rub it off or make it look uneven ,to avoid this follow the same rule as eyeliner and emphasise more on the bottom lashes , and just add a little to the top .
when you apply blusher suck your cheeks in and apply the blush to the sunken parts of your face to make the natural cheek bone stand out , this can sculpt the face so that the glasses arent always the main focus .
check your make up in different lights to ensure it is even then check with your glasses on , using a magnified mirror can be great for applying makeup after you take your glasses off ,and having a light can also help .

colours to use on the eyes vary from person to person , light golden and nude colours may seem plain but really stand out when you put your glasses on as seen in this video tutorial

and for a more night time look have a look at this video .

i have added some of the make up used in these tutorial ie the cream shadows to our online store for all of you woman who wear glasses to give you a proper look at how to do these steos easily  .this store is at the bottom of the website pg 9 onwards is all the make up listed

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

stretch marks

stetch marks are a problem that most woman will get during their life at some stage , especially if you have lost alot of weight or had a baby .
this is caused when the elastin and collegen breaks down in the skin
we way not be able to banish them completely but using some of these treatments can make them look almost invisable .
mix these ingredients together
Mix these together:
 1/2 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 1/2 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
10 Vitamin E Capsules, Drained
 5 Vitamin A Capsules, Drained
Place in the fridge and use twice or more a day. Rub into skin untill fully absorbed.
This works wonders on your skin. Make sure that all the ingredients are 100% natural.
100% cocoa butter stick s really are fantastic ,not lotions or oils but the actual stick is really great for lightening the colour of stretch marks and making them smaller it is also great for preventing them .
all items listed here can be bought in our online store at the bottom of the webpage

dark circles

dark circles can be hereditory but there are other causes too like lack of sleep ,not drinking enough water ,lack of vit e in the diet or iron . many people also dont know that dark circles can be linked to allergies also .
here are some things you can do to combat dark circles .

this is one of the best home treatments for dark circles under the eyes, mix a paste with one teaspoon of tomato juice ,half teaspoon of lemon juice,a pince of tumeric powder and a pinch of gramflour ,apply to the under eyes and leave for ten minutes you can do this daily and wash off as normal with luke warm water ,be careful not to get the product in your eyes and always make this paste fresh as keeping it will not have the same effect .try taking vit e  , and apply almond oil to the area every night  ,drink plenty of water ,try to get min 8 hours sleep . if none of these methods work for you after a few months id advise you to get an allergy test done as it could be something very small in your diet that is causing this problem .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

banishing bad odours

Foot odour
this is caused by bacteria reacting with the humididity from your shoes or socks ,try using shoes or footwear with breathable materials like canvas inside or leather ,and cotton socks .
how to treat this problem?
you may or may not have heard this one but tea is actually great for temporarily reducing or even banished odour from the feet , make a pot of tea adding 7 normal tea bags not herbal tea and steep your feet in a basin of the tea for approx 10-15 minutes at night ,dry off properly . tea contains tantic acid which temporarily inhibits bad odours , do this three times a week if needed.
secondly sprinkle zeasorb (over the counter product you can purchase this in our online store at the bottom of the page ) into your shoes every morning to absorb sweat ,stopping the bacteria multiplying causing odour .
Bad breath
this comes from the throast and back of the tongue so simply scraping the tongue wont get rid of this problem , you probably brush your teeth and use mouth wash all the time yet still suffer from bad breath ,bad breath is caused by sulpher compounds (this happens when bacteria is deoxegenated ,ie why we get bad breath after having our mouth closed for a long time , using alcohol based mouth wash causes this also , eating onions and garlic as we all know causes bad breath this is also because these food contain sulpur compound too .
how can i help this ?
you can help this problem by still using the same routine of brushing daily ,make sure you floss and odour gets trapped inside the gaps in the teeth,instead of using alcohol based mouth wash ,buty one which has chlorine dioxide,use morning and night , drink water throughout the day to keep the mouth oxegenated .doing these small things can dramatically improve if not banish bad breath .
some people suffer alot with sweating this can cause embarrasment for alot of people , if the problem is extremely bad i would advise you to consult a doctor as it could be a number of things like over active thyroid or you may even need your sweat gland tied although this is only in severe cases ,botox is also available for this problem .
how do i treat it ?
Simple , towel dry under your arms at night before bed and apply Drysol by patting it over the area ,wash the solution off in the morning but Dont add more deoderant leave it clean and apply drysol again at night , if you dont see an improvement you may think about consulting your gp.

note : all of these products are in our online store at the bottom of the website .

Eye brow shaping

Eye brow shaping is actually quite easy once you know how ,here are some simple steps to follow to create the perfect eye brow shape for your face .
Refer back to the picture  to follow guidelines easily .
firstly you will need a cuticle stick/pencil/anything that is long and slim and same width the whole way down, you ll also need a light coloured eyeliner for marking your measurments .
now your almost ready , stand in front of the mirror .
Step1line the cuticle stick up with the outside of your nostril see(A) on the picture ,holding the stick against your face ,line up with the inner tear duct on the eye as seen in pic A ,and follow on up to the eyebrows. Mark brow with pencil and tweeze any hairs that go past this line in this case to the left of the picture .
Step 2looking directly into the mirror straight ahead ,holding the stick in the same place on the nose ,angle the stick to the right lining it up with the outer line of the pupil ,this
 will then point the stick to the highest part of your brows ,thus showing you where your arch should be located,mark this with your pencil again ,always tweeze in the direction of your hair growth not against as this can distort the follicle making the hairs grow back in all different directions , to tweeze a nice arch gradually tweeze a fine amount of hairs while taking a few more along the way as you get to your arch this will make the brows higher thus opening the eyes more ,remember never over pluck , only spend a few minutes on each brow.
Step3holding the stick still in the same position at the nose ,move the top of the stick further to the right (depending on which eye your working im just using the picture as an example)this time stopping at the outer corner of the eye refer back to diagram , mark the brow with pencil again and this time tweeze anything to the left of the mark this is to show the lenght in which your brows should be .

Remember apply bonjella if your find tweezing too painful ,leave for a few minutes ,wipe and tweeze painfree :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

spring/summer 2010 pallets

The colours of this years colour pallets are as follows
Givenchy are bringing out pale skin tones with peach cheeks ,violet on the eyes subtly and peach lips ,the purpose of their spring/summer collection is to make the colours stand out from the white canvas ,other colours you can expect to see from them are violets,peaches,pastel mauve,peachy and rose pearlesent colours for the cheeks and eyes.
you can expect to see pale invigorating pink PINK IMPRESSION and a deeper pink ROSE IMPRESSION . all young and fresh colours .
nail polishes for spring /summer  2010.
You can expect to see all the neon summer colours coming back in ,for the perfect beach look .colours are all seen below and will be a must have again this summer ,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skin care &choosing creams for your skin type and age

this can be difficult for alot of people as there are so many different products on the market nowadays .
Here are some simple steps to follow on buying the right creams for your skin type .
What skin type am I?
this is pretty simple ,If you suffer with spots you have oily skin ,if it is only on certain parts of the face then you have combination skin (a mixture of oily and dry)even oily skinned people get flaky skin this can be confused as dry skin , flakes on the skin are dehydration so your skin could be oily dehydrated in this case .drink plenty of water and apply mattifying moisturiser after you cleanse and tone your face to prevent further dehydration,( mattifying moisturisers contain no oil ).use gel cleansing washes and alcohol based toners with no oils.
If your skin is tight after you wash your face and you have tiny fine lines and closed tight pores ,rarely suffer from spot s, then your skin is dry , treat this by cleansing with face CREAM not lotion or gel ,use an oil based toner ie rose oil and water . moisturise with moisturising cream not lotion these creams are alot thicker giving your skin extra moisture .
If your skin goes red or pink and is sensitive to alot of products then you have sensitive skin ,
using natural products from your health shop is best for this
and normal skin is recognised by few of us, lol but for those who are lucky to have it, they will have perfect skin ,no spots ,no blemishes.
when you are in your teens lotions are light and enough for the skin but as you get older you should start looking for thicker creams instead of lotions. These should be used from the age of 25 upwards to prevent premature ageing ,neck cream is also advised (use this on the chest also )
Best products and home made treatments for each type of skin
normal skin 
Joboba oil mixture
six table spoons joboba oil , one tbls vit E oil, 2 tbls beeswax, 8 drops of rose essential oil , 2 tbls rose water ,one tbls aloe vera (purchase all of these in a health shop as you only need a small amount for each mixture they will last you months if not years )
first mix all oils together except essential oil , add besswax also (put bowl over another bowl of boiling water ) and mix until wax is metled .
remove and allow to cool ,add rosewater aloe vera and mix well , then finally add essential rose oil mix thoroughly and pour into a glass jar with airtight lid .
dry skin
most oils are great moisturisers, purchase pure coconut oil or olive oil (mix together if prefered ) from your health shop and apply all over the face after cleansing ,leave for ten mins then wipe off excess with a damp cotton pad . when having a bath take advantage of the steam and apply your moisturiser all over your face leave till you get out and wipe off excess again , this will push the oils deeper into the skin as the steam opens your pores .
oily skin
homemade moisturisers really arent great for oily skin but ask for a mattifying one when buying one from your store ,and always tell them you have oily skin when choosing any creams ,lotions or make up .using a honey mask at night or in the morning helps keep away bacteria prone to cause spots on oily skin , simply heat up a little honey so its easier to spread and apply all over a clean  face ,leave for ten minutes and rince with warm water.
for all skin types
use glycerine and honey
mix three table spoons of glycerine to one spoon of honey when making mixture , apply daily and leave on all day if you dont wear make up or if you do apply at night and leave on the skin till morning.dont put this mixture in the fridge as honey goes hard ,airtight jar or tub is fine .

blackheads gone but left with open pores ??

unfortunatly open pores are extremely hard to get rid of , it svery frustrating when you remove unsightly blackheads but are then left with a gaping hole .
this can be almost as difficult to treat as acne .
after a little research it seems Azelaic Acid is the best treatment for tis , i have found a pharmaceautical name for this "SKINOREN" this is a gel for the skin used on rosacea and acne , this product is presribed by a doctor so visit your gp for prescription .
homemade toner for oily skin
Alcohol and alum toner .mix one table spoon of alcohol (buy from your chemist say it is for your skin)+100 gms of distilled water and a tablespoon of lemon juice , mix together and leave in an air tight bottle in the fridge ,use this every morning after you wash your face using a damp cotton pad . apply mattifying moisturiser , oily skin people should not use oil based creams , try gel cleasers for cleaning the face and if you dont want to mkae your own toner buy alcohol based ones with no oil. and mattifying moisturisers .

doing these steps every morning and evening will prevent the pores from getting blocked up again , if the azelaic acid does not close the pores consult a dermatologist for treatment .

dry skin on knees and body

Dry skin can be frustrating for most woman so i have put together some causes and solutions to these problems below.
Dry skin ,contact dermatitis and  psoriasis .
contact dermatitis would be recognised mainly after you ome into contact with something you dont normally use like creams etc . this will look like a small rash but should not last very long . if you notice this stop using new body cream etc and see if it clears up or if your using new washing powder or shower gels .if it still doesnt clear up attend a dermatologist or gp .
Psoriasis is like an extra layer over the skin in patches ,it can occur in only one place but it would look flaky and raised from the skin , best treatment for this is UVB rays , this is a treatment yo can get done in most skin clinics . the uvb penetrates the skin slowing down the skin growth process and with this treatment the skin may get worse before it gets better . visit a dermatologist if you think you have psoriasis . not steroid creams can harm the skin further over time and dry them out more so try to stay away from these were possible.
Dry skin can be itchy ,slightly flaky and stings sometimes when you apply something to the skin ,
to relieve dry skin from knees and elbows purchase unrefined sesame oil from your local health store , make sure it is unrefined as is this is better for the skin and lasts a number of years , this  product is very cheap so it wont break the bank .
Before you get in the shower (about 20 mins before hand ) heat a little oil in a pan (a few table spoons ) and apply to the areas needed , rub in and leave for about ten minutes , shower as normal .if the areas are extremely dry i would do this every day until you notice a vast improvement , apply a thick moisturiser all over the body  before bed too to keep the skin moist , my favourite is vaseline intensive care for extra dry skin (white bottle ) stay away from dove products including shower gels and hand washes or shampoos as these cause dry skin problems .if you can use natural body washes and shampoos which can be bought in your health stores that would be even better .
Dry skin all over the body , drink water everyday regularly (4 pints) add lemon or cordial if prefered .
smoking is also a contributary factor in dry skin , follow the steps above with sesame oil this can be applied all over the skin on the body twice a week to prevent dry skin  .

when bathing use a few table spoons of olive oil in your bath to keep the skin soft and lock moisture in , and always moisturise id reccomend vaseline intensive care for extra dry skin .
shea butter is also great for a moisturiser, scrub once or twice a week(depending on how bad the skin is ) using my honey and sugar scrub(this is in my archive).The sugar granules scrub away dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and honey is a natural antiseptic and also has many nutrients great to keep the skin soft .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pimples on neck and jawline .

There are several different types of acne, jawline acne is in many ways the most irritating. This is because it frequently appears in adults who thought their "teen days " were behind them. "What causes acne outbreaks along the jawline?" there is no single jawline acne cause. There can be many factors, but one thing is certain - jawline acne causes pain and embarrassment to the person suffering with it.

Jawline acne most frequently occurs in women who are in their twenties and is symptomatic of adult onset acne or cystic acne. In this case, acne develops primarily on the jawline, cheeks, back, buttocks and chest.This type of acne is different than the "teenage acne" you experienced in  school in that unlike milder forms of acne that occur closer to the surface of the skin, cystic acne affects the deep tissue. In addition, a bacterial infection could be attacking the deep tissue beneath the surface of the skin.If not treated, this can lead to scarring.One possible cause of jawline acne is your regular hormonal activity. In addition, some studies link dairy products to acne because they contain hormones. If your hormonal activity is the culprit, birth control pills are often an effective acne treatment. If you suspect dairy products are triggering your outbreaks, try avoiding them and see what happens.
Check Your Cosmetics Too
Another common jawline acne cause is moisturizers that are too rich or hair products that contain silicone - both can clog your pores. In this case the solution is obvious - look for oil-free products and hair products that do not contain silicone.
Treating your jawline acne is not as simple as buying the latest acne lotion - the painful red lumps that occur along the jawline, chin, and neck do not respond well to the traditional acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide.
Why avoid milk products?

The reason that milk products cause acne is because milk contains hormones that "turn on" oil glands. The cows that give the milk are pregnant and milking most of their lives. These hormones are not injected into the cows - they are natural hormones that cows make during every "menstrual" cycle, but during pregnancy these hormones are produced continuously at high levels and so are found in all cows' milk
Is lactose-free milk or "organic" milk okay?

No. Lactose intolerance has nothing to do with acne, and "organic" simply means that the pesticides and insecticides the cows are exposed to in their food are less toxic than usual.
What are the options?

There are two ways to handle dairy restriction.
The first (and simplest) is to just stop consuming all milk, cream, cheese, ice cream, butter, sour cream, cheeseburgers, pizza - anything that contains or is made from milk. It is best to avoid "anything that comes from the south end of the cow".
The second way is to find dairy-like substitutes for whatever you are missing. Soy products are the most convenient and include substitutes for milk, creamer, chocolate milk, ice cream, cheeses of various types and even butter substitutes. Goat milk and goat cheese are possible alternatives, but also are not hormone-free and should probably be avoided until we know for sure what hormones they contain.
How long do I need to do this?

The "No Milk" diet has three phases.
First ( total restriction phase.) It is essential to minimize the production of new plugs in the pores, and this lasts at least six months. This will give you a chance to get the acne under control.
Second  (maintenance phase) and it lasts through all the teen years into the early 20s. During this phase, no dairy is best. you may be able to have a little bit of dairy from sometimes, it is really difficult to tell how much you can get away with. The problem is that it takes months for the plugs in the pores to build back up again, so it takes months to find out if you have exceeded your threshold again. And everyone is different.
Third ( the cautious reintroduction phase), usually possible in the early 20s. But, depending on individual thresholds, some people with acne can never return to dairy.
Try also dapping apple cider vinegar onto the spots daily follow the steps for this on my blog about rosacea .


Rosacea is a skin condition where the cheeks look flushed ,pink and sometimes have acne break outs ,this condition can often be miss diagnosed as acne or other skin problems . try one of the steps below to help improve your skin condition , it does not normally completely go away but can be dramatically improved .Use apple cider vinegar ONLY when you have the papules and postules.(break out ) It is too drying and it can cause the condition to worsen. Diluting it is a good idea. mix two teaspoons of apple cider, one teaspoon of purified water and add no more than two drops of tea tree oil and dab it on the affected area with a an organic cotton ball. leave it on for about ten minutes or so and then rinse with purified water. Follow with a good mosturizer for sensitive skin and one that contains ingredients known to help rosacea sufferers such as licorice, feverfew, green tea, colloidal oatmeal, lavender, chamomile, calendula, licochalcone, arnica montana,white willow bark, jojoba oil, and many others.Changing your pillow case every 2 nights. use one side the first night, flip the case the next night, then on the third night, replace it with a fresh case. Results: The first 3 days, immediate improvement. The next few days, may go back to usual. In day 8; after you have experimented for a week. you should wake up and for the first time in years, your face should look almost perfectly normal in shade and acne bump s(break out) should dramatically improve.
Prescription antibiotics are often effective and are often prescribed. They can be taken by mouth of applied as ointments or gels.
Sulfur creams for Rosacea (Sulphur Ointments) are very effective and AVOID the problems associated with antibiotic use. They are also often effective when antibiotic treatment has failed.
Proper skin care and avoidance of trigger factors is also important to effectively control rosacea.
This is a list of common trigger factors that may cause your facial skin to flare up if you have
High Temperatures, including Spas and Saunas
Spicy Foods
Cold Weather and Winds
Astringent(like toners anything that closes the pores or alcohol) Cosmetics and Pimple Creams
Creams containing Cortisone
Medical problems: Diabetes will aggravate the condition

The following list of medications will delay healing with Sulphur based facial cream for Rosacea.
So check this list and if any apply to you try to stop them for a few weeks.-
Smoking/chewing tobacco (not a medication but 1 cigarette reduces blood flow by 50% to the skin) it is the nicotine that does it so the nicotine replacement gum and patches also fall into this category Cortisone. Do not use it. It has a very complex reaction in the body that will slow wound healing. Anti-inflammatory medications, e.g. brufen, nurofen, aspirin , ) Note: That aspirin in a dose of up to 100mg a day do not interfere with would healing
Colchicine (a gout medication)
Sun exposure: wear sunscreen and a hat, at least a peaked baseball hat, whenever you are outside and it is sunny

    Cleansing your Skin
    Avoid Soap.
    Use a gentle cleanser that does not dry the skin.A good daily non-drying skin wash for rosacea ,which you can buy at any pharmacy.
    Nutritional Supplements
    Some Nutritional supplements also help. vit c, zinc,rose hip ,liqourice,apple cider ,rutin and arnica ,lavender,chamomile,green tea
    Best cleansers,moisturisers and foundation for rosacea
    After looking long and hard for rosacea products i have found some great ones which are extremely inexpensive compared to some products which actually got some really bad reviews .
    the ones i have picked have recieved fantastic reviews and have worked on many woman with rosacea .
    all products are in my online store at the bottom of this site under rosacea ,i have got a great price for them compared to some of the sites saving you about 25 euro on some products .
    CEREVE moisturising cream 18.13 new
    CEREVE moisturising lotion 10.99 http://rosaceagroup.org/review/r/CeraVe%20Moisturizing%20Lotion.html  reviews
    CETAPHIL gentle cleansing bar 3.95 http://rosaceagroup.org/review/r/Cetaphil%20Gentle%20Cleansing%20Bar.html (reviews)
    JANE IRIDALE AMAZING BASE foundation 33.99 http://rosaceagroup.org/review/r/Jane%20Iredale%27s%20Amazing%20Base.html (reviews)

    buy in our store now (all prices above are in dollars so when converted into euro you save even more)

    Saturday, January 30, 2010

    ingrown hairs

    Alot of people suffer from the odd ingrown hair ,these can be easily removed by showering in warm water or holding a warm cloth over the area then sterilise tweezers and pull the hair out sometimes you may need to squeeze to pop the hair out first .
    on the other hand some men and woman suffer fom the all of the time in large areas ie the legs , if the skin is bumpy and red it may be follicolitis this is inflamation of the follical , if you want to try to get rid of this take my advice and take a break from shaving and waxing to let the hair grow out for longer , try shaving instead of waxing as this can damage the inflamed area more . I know its expensive but only use your rasor three times any more then this scratches the skin thus inflaming the area and aggrivating it further more ,
    so take a break for as long as you can , have a long shower or bath before shaving ALWAYS as this softens the hair , exfoliate at the beginning of your shower and a minute or two before you get out shave with a new blade , always apply tea tree oil or antiseptic to red or inflamed areas to stop infection and apply plenty of moisturiser to the skin .
    if you stick to this you should see a big improvement .

    Safe removal of black heads

    We all struggle from time to time with unwanted blackheads . heres i will explain the safest way to remove them without harming the skin .this same rule goes for white heads .
    black heads are simply sebum (sweat) that clogs the pores and solidifies,thus making it hard to remove them .
    One way is to get a large bowl of boiled water ,if doing this make sure it is on a safe high surface hold a towel over your head and bend your head over the bowl allowing the steam to hit your face for a few minutes . this can be a bit uncomforatable for some people as the steam goes up your nose and everywhere but if you can do it its the easiest way . leave your face over the steam for about 5 minutes. or stand in the bathroom with a sink full of hot water ,get a clean face cloth and hold over the area for a few minutes then rinse cloth and do the same again ,this can be done a number of times if needs be .
    after you have steamed and patted your face for about 5 minutes wrap tissue around your index fingers on each hand and simply put one finger on each side of the black heads and push the fingers together ,you should see them pop out easily ,if after a minute or two they start to get stiff again simple steam or pat your face again for another few minutes and try again.try not to keep going over the same spot if it doesnt come out move onto another one and try the others again the next day . also you can do the same motion with cotton buds if the black heads are in an awquard place i.e the folds of the nose .
    applying some tea tree oil afterwards can help clean out the pores as it is an anteseptic but dont worry if you dont have any .
    THE RULE HERE IS TO STOP AFTER A FEW MINUTES and try again the next day ,dont keep pulling at the skin as this will swell and may turn into a pimple or scab if you tear or break skin .

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    scaly blotchy arms ?

    so many woman suffer with dry patches of skin on there arms usually on the tops and around the shoulders,tan clumps around these patches and in some cases they stay white in the sun and stand out like a sore thumb , there is a name for this and it is pitiriasis versicolour ( a fungal infection on the skin ) not serious and can easily be treated . go to your chemist and buy nisoral dandruff shampoo this is the only product on the market that has the ingredient to get rid of this fungal infection apart from tablets , simply use this as your shower gel on the arms every day for a week then once weekly o use at night as a cream and wash the next day
    one of the causes for this is shampoos having too many chemicals try using natural shampoos this is why the patches usually form around the tops of the arms shoulders and back as it is the lenght of your hair
    another MAJOR cause for this and i know because i have had it myself is from using sunshimmer instant tan , so many girls i know use it and have this problem ,so if you do STOP and go for sally hansen instead .
    once i completely stopped using sunshimmer for good not even using it once every now and then ,the patches completely dissapeared and never came back , this is something i suffered with and felt consious of for years .stay away from any dove products also as these clog the pores and can take up to 5 months to leave the skin .

    bring life back to your skin

    Vitamin C as we all know is great for revitalising the skin it revives dull lifesless skin and makes it brighter and gives it a natural radiant glow .
    simply go to your health store and buy pure vitamin c capsules . every night before bed burst a capsule with a pin this way the vitamin c is fresh evertime , apply all over the face and leave for the whole night , then rince the next morning .
    for optimum results use as part as your daily routine after you cleanse the skin .
    best of luck!!

    healing acne scars naturally

    There are so many products sold over the counter ,some cost a fortune but go back to basics and natural remedys and see the difference in your skin .
    purchase pure vitamin E capsules from your health store (not vitamin E oil ) as this can lose its goodness everytime it is opened . if it is in a capsule you have it fresh everytime ,simple wash your face as normal pin a hole in a capsule and apply all over the face at night when going to bed .rince in the morning .Vitamin E is renowned for its natural and powerful healing and repair propertys.this can take time as with anything so make it part of your routine daily .